Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at www.bamf.de

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 Many thanks for your letter.

 Your wish for assistance encourages me in my project to provide more people with the opportunity of a new start in Goslar for humanitarian reasons. For this reason I shall intensively continue to pursue this aim again in 2015.

However, asylum procedures are very individual in Germany and, in common with the rest of Europe, require administrative coordination. The contact partners here in Germany are different public and voluntary institutions who can help you. Please familiarise yourself with the pages of the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at www.bamf.de. Within in this context I would like to let you know that an entry to the Federal Republic of Germany requires a valid visa or an accompanying asylum procedure. This facilitates the coordination of, and is the basis for, further procedure. This cannot be accelerated or changed by me. Therefore I urgently advise against a spontaneous visit to me, or even an illegal entry to Germany.

My website www.oliver-junk.de will provide you with information on the continuation of developments. I am gratified by the interest and I am sure that Germany and Goslar will benefit from the strong immigration in the future, as it has done over the previous centuries.

Until then I remain with best wishes.


Oliver Junk

Oliver JunkFlüchtlinge